The paintings below are currently available for purchase. Details and prices can be found by placing the cursor on the individual image.  If you wuld like to buy a painting from the Gallery or to commission a bespoke paiting please contact me at [email protected]  .   Details of where you can view more of my paintings are in the "More" -  "News & Events" Tab 

Paintings for sale

  1. South Hams Harm (Strashleigh)
    South Hams Harm (Strashleigh)
    Acrylic on Canvas. Pallet Knife technique. £150 Framed
  2. South Hams Gold
    South Hams Gold
    Acrylic on Canvas (Pallet Knife ). Framed as shown. £150
  3. Western Beacon from Hanger Down
    Western Beacon from Hanger Down
    Acrylic on Acryl Paper. Mounted in white card in light oak frame. £100
  4. Edmeston near Modbury
    Edmeston near Modbury
    Original oil on clay board. Painting size 7"x5". Framed as shown £80.
  5. Sherill Barns near Ivyridge
    Sherill Barns near Ivyridge
    Original oil on clay board. Painting size 7"x5". Framed as shown £80.
If you would like to commission a painting for yourself or as a special gift please contact me via email at [email protected] or by phone 07742942886 to discus your rquirements.  I do not require a deposit but in the unlikely event that you do not like the finished work I will keep the painting and you keep your money.  Prices range  from £80 to £200 depending on size and painting style/materials.
Original Paintings

Styles and materials to suit many different tastes

Bespoke paintings make a fantastic present for someone special