Original Paintings

About MRSArt

My name is Mike Starks and I have enjoyed painting as a hobby for over 30 years. I have gained inspiration from  my favourite artists and learned techniques through art classes/workshops, art magazine exercises and on-line demonstrations. I have recently completed a number of commissions which have received aclaim from many people in face to face meetings and via social media. My landscapes are inspired by the area where I live which includes Dartmoor, the South Hams and Channel Coast.  I also enjoy painting  animals. 
I believe everyone should be able to enjoy art and I have had many years of pleasure from the original paintings and prints hanging on my own walls.  My favourites are without doubt originals, mainly due to the vibrancy and texture which are missing from prints.  I am keen to provide original paintings at reasonable prices.  These can be from my gallery or I am happy to produce bespoke paintings of your favourite place, person, pet, flower, vehicle, etc.  I enjoy the challenge of new subjects so please contact me to discuss any requirements via email or phone.